Objectives and Quality Policy

To provide value to Resinoid Engineering Corporation customers by means of supplying:

1. Product Quality

• Target zero customer complaints.
• Through internal PPM tracking and problem solving.
• Through continuous quality training.

2. Product Delivery

• Target zero delivery incidents.
• Through effective scheduling and inventory monitoring.
• Through internal problem solving.

3. Customer Service

• Provide care to our customers.
• Through quality and delivery.
• Through monitoring of customer ratings, surveys and feedback.

4. Product Cost

• Provide the customer a quality product with the least amount of waste.
• Through cost of poor quality tracking
• Through continuous improvement of the process and its systems.

5. Safety

• Provide a safe working environment.
• Through the establishment of the Safety Action Team.
• By implementing and maintaining appropriate work practices.

With the systems above continual improvement will be achieved.