Our Services and Expertise

Resinoid Engineering Corporation is a combination of four unified manufacturing divisions. Each division has its own specialized processes, products, and services that supplies a broad range of customers. Each division also closely interacts with the other manufacturing divisions within the corporation. These internal relationships begin with our phenolic material division acting as a key supplier of phenolic molding compounds to our slip ring, commutator, and custom molding divisions. This internal supply chain allows a free flow of information and technologies. This enables Resinoid to tie together and manage the complex relationships from phenolic compound raw goods, compounding of phenolics, mold design and molding, post curing of the moldings, and final machining of the molded product. This integration of processes, combined with each divisions expertise, offers all of Resinoid's customers the best quality, delivery, and service of product possible. At Resinoid Engineering our quality is truly reflected in the performance of our products.

Company Background

Resinoid was founded by Clarence A. Herbst Sr. (1900 to 1989). Mr. Herbst was a chemical engineer who designed and formulated phenolics in the early age of plastics; this creativity led to starting two small companies in the late 1920's and early 1930's. Resinoid grew out of these ventures and was incorporated in 1939. Molding of his plastics was added to the business almost immediately and as a result the company grew. Applications for these high tech phenolics were found in commutators and various custom moldings. This pattern of design to application continued into what Resinoid is today. The ownership and management of the company has continued within Mr. Herbst's family, lending consistency to proven principles throughout the years.

Industry Markets

Resinoid supplies the after market automotive industry as a world wide supplier. Resinoid also produces product for a wide variety of non-automotive industries, such as appliances, electrical components, power tools, and other applications.